What Clients are Saying About Mike

Weinberg has played a pivotal role in transforming our new business development model at Bick Group. Key to his effectiveness has been sharing candid assessments of our existing sales team and structure and challenging us to think differently about the sales management process. He is now providing practical, actionable coaching for our sales teams and we are seeing terrific results.

Andy Parham, CEO, Bick Group

Mike Weinberg is the consummate sales professional. We brought him in to help improve our new business development results and it was my pleasure to work with him. We increased individual accountability and Mike made it fun for everyone as he helped change the sales culture in our organization. He planned and led several national sales meetings and worked in the field along side members of the sales team, many of whom still consider Mike a mentor to this day. In the first year, Mike helped us achieve a major increase in new business wins over the prior year and we were happy to pay a significant bonus for his efforts. If you need to improve your new business development sales results, I highly recommend Mike Weinberg for the job.

Tom Aiton, Retired CEO, Dyment Distribution Services

Mike has a transformative effect on every sales organization he touches. He is a master of tying sales strategy to business strategy and leading & coaching sales teams to execute at the highest level. Mike is a terrific guy who is also a seasoned sales pro. He gets out in the field with the troops, makes sales calls, learns client’s businesses, and provides expert coaching.  Even crusty sales veterans quickly understand that this is a guy who has been there and done that, and they respond to both his expertise and personality. With all of this, he brings the highest level of integrity, ethics, and relational ability.  Everyone who works with Mike wants him to be a long-term member of their team.

Eric Herrenkohl, President of Herrenkohl Consulting and author of the Amazon bestseller How to Hire A-Players.

Working with Weinberg was a complete joy and great learning experience.  His coaching in setting up face-to-face sales calls has been invaluable, resulting in a comfort level with C-suite selling I hadn’t anticipated. He has a unique ability to integrate his extensive sales expertise with each person’s individual style making his coaching not only positive from a professional development standpoint, but a whole lot of fun as well.

Elsie Listrom, Vice President Nonprofit Services, Gabriel Group

I can’t thank Mike enough for the excellent sales training he provided to our sales team.  We have a young, fairly inexperienced sales staff who, though eager and willing, were not equipped for the sales effort we needed going forward.  After just a few short weeks with Mike, our sales people are passionate about cold calling and more confident in selling value, particularly when faced with lower-priced competition.  They are well prepared with the powerful sales story Mike helped them write, and they use it over and over with enthusiasm and passion.  Best of all, our 4 inside sales guys are now making around 500 calls per week combined.  The phones are ringing, there’s a buzz about Masterpiece Graphix in the industry like never before, and these young, inexperienced reps have become qualified, energized business people who are building an impressive book of business.

Sharon Watson, Owner, Masterpiece Graphix

Mike Weinberg is an exceptional resource for any organization looking to increase sales. In our case, he has helped assess our current sales talent, and potential new hires. In addition, he provided critical insight on developing a true sales hunter role in our company where farmers were beginning to multiply. And, by coaching our team to craft a stronger and more succinct Sales Story, we are now much effective on the phone and face to face with prospects.

Scott Anderson, Founder, KIG Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Mike provided valuable sales coaching, tools and techniques for my team of traditional bankers who were challenged to adapt to a new sales model. With Mike’s help we were able to turn many team members into proficient new business sales professionals and improve our team’s results.

Marquita Wiley, Senior Vice President, Bank of America Premier Bank

In an environment (New Home Construction) that is more difficult than selling ice to Eskimos, Mike added extreme value to our sales effort. He helped us to take a hard look at our talent and sales process. After making some needed personnel changes, Mike helped our management team simplify and focus on our pipeline. Our sales team, armed with an improved story and better phone skills from Mike’s coaching, has been able to zero in on real customers and do a better job communicating the value we provide. Even though our industry continues to operate in turbulent times, we have clear direction for our sales effort and thank Mike for being a solid rudder of guidance.

David E. Amigo, President, Carolina Country Homes

It is not an exaggeration to say that Mike has given new life to my career in Sales. His ability and willingness to serve as a true coach – teaching, demonstrating, adjusting, celebrating – has made an immediate, positive impact on my approach and RESULTS. It’s rare to find a coach who can talk strategy & process, and then roll up his sleeves and show you the detailed, step-by-step tactics in making a prospecting phone call or conducting a meeting!  Mike has become a friend, and I would recommend his work to anyone who wants to sell more and do it the right way.

Chris Scaglione, Vice President Business Development, Bick Group

I was promoted into a sales role under Mike’s leadership of our organization. Mike personally taught me how to sell like an executive and the importance of adding value throughout the entire sales process. In my first full year, I led the company in territory sales percentage increase, and have continued to be successful since. I can’t thank Mike enough for his help in molding me into the “student of sales” that I am today.

Bob Mooneyhan, Territory Manager, ISC Surfaces

Working with Mike was a wonderful experience. He enhanced my sales performance and showed me how to sell using a story vs. presenting a product. Mike also helped me become comfortable asking for the business, and I really appreciated that he didn’t force me to be someone else, but worked with me based on my own style. His expertise definitely impacted my results and I am thankful for his coaching and compassion.

Darla Graham, Premier Banker, Bank of America

Mike was my sales leader for several years and has become a mentor. Mike brought outside perspective and a breath of fresh air to our company. He told the truth, challenged the status quo and encouraged and equipped me to sell more than ever. It’s been a few years since we worked together but we remain good friends and I love when he calls to pick my brain about inside sales best practices!

Roy Warren, Inside Sales Rep, formerly with Interstate Supply

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